Wax Tailor Ft. Charlie Winston - I Own You

Yes ! I'm your house

I got all the mod-cons that you wanted

Granted for the price of a job you hate

Too bad it's too late

To forget where you're at

You have to admit, I own you

Yeah that's true

Hee ! Hee ! I'm your TV

You pay good cash just to see me

Suck up your time with the lives of others

Mash up your brain to a frozen to a frozen dinner

From lap to lips subliminal clips

Engrave the words on your soul, I own you, I own you

Hey I own you

You know that's true

Oh I own you

And you know that's true

Ha ! Ha ! I'm your car

Where ever I go is where ever you are

I move at the touch of your toes

Your pride and joy and everyone knows

You're keeping up appearances

For you don't dare to let it show, I own you

Ho ! Ho ! I'm your phone

You push all my buttons we're never alone

It kills you to leave me at home

Or think of the drivel you'd miss

Without the tender kiss of my tones

That moan and moan and moan and moan...

I own you

Yes I own you

And you know that's true

And I own you

And you know that's true

He ! He ! I'm your PC

You're all upgraded second reality

Online, I realize I'm helping escape a life benign

Porn and pointless emails to faceless strangers

Now that's a sign, I own you

Hmm I own you

Yeah you know that's true

Oh I own you

And you know that's true, oh

Artistes : Wax Tailor ft. Charlie Winston

Album : In the Mood for Life (Instrumental Version)

Date de sortie : 2009

Genre : Dance/Électronique

Paroliers : Charlie Winston / Jean Michael

Paroles de I Own You © Real World Works Ltd

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