Harry Connick Jr. - One Fine Thing

When I'm walkin, I see you

And I'm wonderin' what it must be like to be you

You're a sunrise, you're heaven

You're the reason that God rested on day seven

You're one fine fine thing

When I'm dreamin', I love you

And I know that there is just one version of you

Can I have you? I need you

If you tell me where you wanna go I'll lead you

You're one fine fine thing

I want you now in a real bad way

So what do I have to do?

I could somehow have a real good day

It all depends on you

Well I've flirted, I've dated

And I'm thinkin' the single life is overrated

So I'll loiter, I'll linger

And I'll try to get a ring around your finger

You're one fine fine thing

You're one fine fine thing

You're one fine fine thing

Artiste : Harry Connick Jr.

Album : Every Man Should Know

Date de sortie : 2013

Genre : Jazz

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